Conservatory Instructors

Learn from the best at the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory

Ray Walker Ray WalkerMore Info
Tito Hernandez Tito HernandezMore Info
Eileen Juric Eileen JuricMore Info
Mary Adamek Mary AdamekMore Info
Sherry Lee Allen Sherry Lee AllenMore Info
Michael Santangelo Michael SantangeloMore Info
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Private Instruction

The North Carolina Theatre Conservatory also offers private lessons in the following areas. Please contact the teachers below for more information.

Private Voice Instructors:

Sherry Lee Allen: 616-901-0070
Mary Kathryn Walston: 919-345-7862
Monique Gannon: 646-648-0865
Michael Santangelo  631-553-3033

Private Piano Instructors:

Sherry Lee Allen: 616-901-0070
Michael Santangelo  631-553-3033

Private Dance Instructors:

Sherry Lee Allen: 616-901-0070
Tito Hernandez: 919-271-8580
Eileen Juric:  919-833-5485


Private Acting Intructors:

Kenny Gannon:  919-451-4504